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What is Government 2.0?
Government 2.0 embodies the idea of bringing the traditional monolithic, 'government' (which is just people!) together with constituents leveraging technology and the crowd-sourced benefits of social networking. We deliver the technology-platform to facilitate this interaction: two way, immediate, reliable and portable.

How Does This Work?
When you create a submission for an issue such as a pothole, graffiti, or any other issue, we check to see whether or not your government has signed up with us. If they have, we send the information along to them unimpeded. If they haven't, we do our best to politely inform them that they are missing out on what is the standard for public access.

Is this Secure?
Yes, it is. We store your submissions securely, and all submissions are transmitted using the same strong 256-bit SSL encrytion used in online shopping carts.

How much does this cost?
Government 2.0 is paid for by your local government, and therefore, you are already paying for it with your tax dollars. It really is quite inexpensive for your government, however; for a city like Los Angeles, their annual membership costs a fraction of a penny per person.

What information are you tracking?
Your device is sending us your location, the time of your submission, and your device's unique ID. It does this so that your local government knows where your issue is, and how many times you have submitted it. It also uses this so that YOU can keep track of what you have submitted. We do NOT use this information to track you in any way.

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