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How does Government 2.0 open communication between me and my constituents?

Government 2.0 is a Smartphone app that opens the lines of communication between you and your constituents. You can give constituents the latest, up to date information, and your constituents can report any issues or send comments. It's two way, immediate, reliable, easy to use, and best of all, your constituents receive all the information on their smartphone.

How do my constituents use Government 2.0?

Your constituents download the free Government 2.0 app from the Apple App Store or Android Google Play. Constituents can then immediately report issues throughout your city or access information that you provide about your city.

Government 2.0

How do my constituents send me issues they find throughout the city?

The Government 2.0 app allows your constituents to easily take pictures of any issues they see (complete with GPS coordinates) along with their comments and forwards the issues to the correct department which you can quickly setup.

How do I view and manage issues that have been sent by constituents?

Easily and securely login to your city's online management console to view, manage, and mark complete issues that have been submitted. Create user accounts for representatives from your city and set which users / departments receive issues from which issue-type. Run reports to see at a glance how long your staff is taking to respond to different issue-types and more.

How is the Government 2.0 app different?

Many smartphone applications exist to report issues from constituents to government (complete with photos, mapping coordinates and contact information for the submitter), the Government 2.0 app supports all of that as well of course. Where Government 2.0 is different is that the app truly embraces the tenets behind the Government 2.0 concept providing for two-way communication between constituents and government far beyond just notifying cities about graffiti and pot-holes. Constituents that otherwise wouldn't normally stay current on city-matters can easily access your latest news at a single tap allowing your initiatives to reach a broader audience. Users have immediate access to your city web site, also at a single tap. The bi-directional communication method the Government 2.0 app has embraced truly opens the channels of communication between you and your constituents in a way that no other competing smartphone app does.

Additionally, as the Government 2.0 app is already installed on thousands of handsets around the country the time to market is eliminated as your constituents already may have the app installed! Cities that choose to join Government 2.0 can activate their participation immediately by contacting us.

How do I participate as a city in Government 2.0?

Your city can easily and inexpensively participate in Government 2.0. A small, flat annual fee includes everything Government 2.0 has to offer: Unlimited viewing of submissions from your constituents, unlimited page views of your local news, easy management and reports of submissions, best-in-class support, and a direct link to your jurisdiction's home page.

Government 2.0 provides amazing ease of integration. You can post city news and instantly, the information is available at your constituents' finger tips. Submissions from constituents are automatically delivered to the appropriate contact in each configured department significantly reducing administrative burden and inadvertent errors. And best of all, everything is managed through an easy-to-use web interface using any Internet browser. No special set up is necessary! If a submission requires mitigation in the field, anyone dispatched to investigate can even use their smartphone's built-in browser to bring up details such as location, a photograph of the issue, and when it was originally submitted.

To sign up, contact us.

Member Cities - Promote Your Participation!

we proudly participate in government 2.0 sealTo facilitate adoption of Government 2.0 by your constituents we have put together ready-made print and web marketing materials to help you get the word out about your city's involvement in this exciting program. Our, 'We Proudly Participate' seal immediately communicates to users the connection between city government and smartphone-based communication and can be added to any existing web site or social-media platform. Additionally large-format print-collateral is available for order in the event you wish to further promote in-person at city facilities and events.

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